Children should not be offered medicine to make them lose weight

Children should not be offered medicine to make them lose weight

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There is no doubt that prevention is always better than cure. I believe that this politically correct and acceptable concept can reduce headaches for many people. A very obvious example of this is diabetes, tobacco, cardiovascular diseases, and of course, childhood obesity. If you take care of your child's diet, he will probably not become obese, but if you do not control it, it will be more difficult to make him lose weight later.

Experts agree that the main problem of childhood obesity lies in poor eating habits not only of children but of the whole family. Education, when it comes to nutrition, must begin with the parents. How can we demand that our children eat vegetables, fruits, if we don't do it? In what way do we tell them not to eat gummies, chocolates, if we are always consuming them?

Which is easier for parents, scolding their children for eating too much junk or teaching them to eat? I believe that scolding is easier and that is why the number of obese children in the world is increasing.

As always happens after every party, one proposes lose weight and regain figure. They leave behind days of much food and celebration to indulge in diets and even slimming products.

Doctors now reveal that this parental obsession with losing weight is infecting children and putting their health at risk. Some research already reveals that there are many unfortunate cases in which parents, worried about seeing their children lose weight, are offering, without medical prescription or nutritionist supervision, supplements such as smoothies, tea and even pills, to their children.

Endocrinologists and nutritionists advise parents to DO NOT give children any type of medicine to make them lose weight, without medical guidance. They assure that the only and most recommended solution for children to lose weight is to change their eating habits, encourage them to do physical exercises or some sport, and avoid leading a sedentary life.

The help of parents is very important in this regard. Only they can be more selective about the types of food the family consumes and that they increase the family's physical activities. In time, they will see that all the effort has paid off.

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