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Pop nanas, Rock nanas, Rap nanas, Folk nanas ... I know it sounds strange, but in reality they are original compositions, adapted from traditional lullabies, performed by musical groups like Amaral and Nena Daconte, which can be download from today on, to help a children's NGO.

The idea of ​​modernizing and giving a new musical version to lifelong lullabies has been promoted by the NGO Aldeas Infantiles to create "the lullabies of the 21st century". What is intended is that the artists who collaborate adapt a lullaby to their style, although on this occasion, new songs have also been included, such as "Música que gira" by the composer and singer Miqui Puig.

And how do you sleep child that the coconut will come and eat you? In this project there is no place for fear or negativity. The project aims to give a new face to the nannies, more positive, more heroic, with more style and talent, and above all that manages to awaken sleep in children. "Supernanas" emerged from the hand of the organization TheLoveComesFoundation, when verifying, through various investigations, that fewer and fewer parents sing lullabies to their children to make them fall asleep, and that traditional lullabies are no longer part of the musical baggage of parents between 25 and 40 years old. To avoid this cultural loss and at the same time raise funds for children, Facto Delafé and the Blue Flowers, Giulia and the Tellarini, Sidonie, Standstill, María Villalón, and Zahara and Ricky Falkner also collaborate in a disinterested way. Those who access the web will be able to download up to 11 lullabies, at one euro per lullaby. The proceeds will go to the SOS Children's Villages projects. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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