Kung Fu Panda, an example of self-improvement for children

Kung Fu Panda, an example of self-improvement for children

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Bears are still the personification of cuteness, awkwardness, and sweetness. Stuffed animals, toys, cartoons, documentaries, movies, and literature invaded. The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, the Bear Brother, The three bears and goldilocks, the orphan Youk in Bear, the story The sweet bear, the refugee Paddington Bear, the most vital Balú of Mogliare just a few examples of how much art and children love these great creatures. I mean Po, the bear from Kung Fu Panda, the last premiere of children's cinema.

As much as he likes noodles, Po the bear is uncomfortable and gets bored working at the family restaurant. When fate invites him to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Po doesn't think twice and dives into the world of martial arts to make all his dreams come true. To defend the Valley of Peace from the terrible threat of the vengeful snow leopard, Tai Lung, you will have to learn all the rules of attack from five great kung-fu masters.

Can you imagine a bear turned into a kung fu master? Well, Po will try with all his might, and will make the children laugh with his adventures. Po will not only provoke laughter in children but also teach them great lessons on overcoming. In a society where much is said about the power of the strongest over the weakest, harassment and abuse of the smallest, this film from the Spielberg factory, comes to discover and demonstrate that the greatest weaknesses of a person can come to be its greatest virtues. He encourages all of us, children and adults, to be persistent and never give up in the face of difficulties. A very timely topic, and also very rich, culturally speaking. In addition to kung-fu techniques, children will be able to learn more about Chinese culture. They will learn the art of his calligraphy, acupuncture, bamboo, stories of sacred mountains, and some delicacies from his kitchen. If you dare to see it, share your opinion with us. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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